I, being a fresh student of engineering, have been observing many students who always try to compete their fellow classmates. Competition is not wrong, but trying to be a step forward than every mate makes you look selfish.

If you work harder than any other classmate, you may come first. At the same time, you may lose some friends. That doesn’t mean that you should stop working harder than others, but it means that you should give them a chance too. When we go mutual in studies, we discuss, clarify and then come to a conclusion.

Mutual studies satisfy not only you, but also your friends. When you give chance to your friend, he feels happier and obviously, you will be satisfied that because of your calmness, he steps up in his academics. This doesn’t mean that you shall always be silent. You answer the question if you know, when asked. If one of your friends wants to answer the question in the class, let him. That will be an encouragement.

I hope you understand.


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