Overcoming Addictions

In today’s world, mostly youth have more addictions than any other categories of the society.
Youth is known to be the carriers of a nation’s future. If they got addicted to something, that thing diverts their mind totally and finally starts ruling their way of thinking, mindsets and sometimes, they may also through them into eternal darkness from which they have no way out.

Top reasons of addictions observed so far:

1. Chasing satisfaction in life

2. Frustration

3. Attitude of trying something new, even if it is negative

4. Peer pressure


The primary gadget that youth addicted to, is mobile. They use mobile in various ways. Some use it to listen to music, some use it to keep messaging, Some use it to browse web, etc. Using these things is not an offence, but we shall use it in a right way. A cell phone never lets a student study as long as it is in his hand.

The second thing which is ruling young minds is social networking. Social networking can be used in two ways, positive and negative. Students who are addicted to social networking may not find fair time to spend their time with studies.
There are many other things which youth is addicted to.

“Where there is a will, there is way.”
If you really want to overcome your addictions, you just have to start hating the things which you are addicted to. It’s not easy to hate them, but if you start knowing its negative sides or disadvantageous sides, you will slowly come out of your addiction.

For example, before listening to music, you have to know that listening to music for much time makes your brain idle, that slowly lets your brain stop working.
And before starting chatting on mobiles, you have to know that mobile radiations may cause brain tumor.
In this way, you can focus on negative sides of your addictions to get through.


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