First Presentation on stage

Stage fear is one of the most common evil every student has in his/her mind. Few students may not even be able to overcome this fear within their course time. Frankly speaking, I also had the same problem before, but now I got some techniques to overcome. Finally I overcame and want you too to get through this.

1: As soon as you go on the stage, take a deep breath.

2: All that matters is your standing position. You should be visible to everyone.

3: There should be confidence in every word you speak. Each and every phrase shall be clear.

4: If it is your first speech, introduce yourself briefly. Don’t spend much time in introduction. Audience wait for what you speak, not for your bio-data.

5: Take a break after every point you speak. Don’t always rush.

6: Never concentrate on the audience. All your focus should be on your topic. Concentration on audience disturbs your speech.

These are the basic rules you have to follow to overcome stage fear. The list will be so long if I mention everything I noticed. You’ll get to know the rest by yourself when you speak for the second time.



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