What’s so special to write about a teacher?

Remember a point before questioning this. You cannot learn each and everything by yourself. To learn from experience, sometimes we need to get a negative result from the circumstances, just like you’ll learn many things from failure compared to success.

Prevention is better than cure. Knowing before performance of a task is better than performance before knowing. Do you agree? If so, who will let you know? Well, you may say that you’ll ask some of your friends or anyone to know it. But, it’s not sure that the thing you’re going to do is safe. Your friends may love thrilling tasks and may not stop you doing it, even if it is risky. And here, you need a teacher. This was just an example. You cannot cope with your life without teachers. They may be your parents, or your subject teachers at school, or any well wisher.

In the case of teachers at schools and colleges, they not only teach you for their salary, but also for your bright future. No teacher gets satisfaction when any of their students can’t understand what they are teaching. Some teachers may not be so close to you, but they have much affection towards you. And the fact is, married teachers see their children in you and unmarried teachers see their siblings. You may not believe, but it’s true.

“Love your teachers, you’ll love the subject.”


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