Teenage is also an important topic to speak/write about. It’s just because one can make the best use of anything they got only in this period of man’s life. Every little change that takes place in teenage becomes a turning point of life. Teenage can also be called as ‘the best opportunity to know what you are, and show what you are.’ If you make a strong decision in teenage, nothing in this world lets you step back!

Where there is good, there is also bad. You must also face few hurdles when you are teenager. At the time of teenage, one can be attracted by the evil(s) easily. You must be strong enough to face every temptation. Don’t get attracted by any little thing. In one word, nothing in the world shall rule your life except you.

You can overcome these temptations by improving your life skills by reading some books like those of Vivekananda, etc.

You can also refer my previous post(overcoming addictions) for simple tips.


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