Everyone in this world likes to make some new and good habits, or get rid of old, bad habits. You too may have such desire in some corner of your heart. Well, you need not worry about it, for it is not a big deal. You can see a new person in yourself with no effort!

Recent research found that if anyone practices some work for 21 days continuously, they’ll get habituated to that work. You have to believe this: THIS TECHNIQUE ALSO WORKS IN CHANGING OUR BEHAVIOR! For example, if you want to be up-to-date in your studies, and lose your laziness, just concentrate on studies for 21 days. Then you’ll see a new person in yourself. One can apply this technique for any change in habits.

This was solution for my problem, laziness. Just remember one thing. There’s a solution to every problem. Don’t worry for silly obstacles you face. Just face it, and say it to yourself, “I CAN FACE IT.”


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