Communication brings change

We are in the 21st century. Technology is now improved. The world has changed. When we compare the present lifestyle with that of 90’s, we hardly find any similarities. Children who took birth after 2000, have become fast learners, so they need effective parenting. Youth of this times, especially those who don’t grow under proper parenting, say that their parents sometimes don’t encourage their ways of thinking and they have to lead their lives forcibly until they are in the hands of their parents.

Why is this happening? 

Most of the people communicate with people who almost have the same way of thinking. They normally talk to the people of their age, but not of this age. So they stuck there itself. Here comes the problem. They don’t change because they don’t communicate with the changed. People understand someone only when they get closer to them. One gets closer to anyone only if communication takes place. All that matters, is whom we communicate with and whom we learn from.

This period, is defined by the people of this period. Ideas of older periods don’t work here. Even if they do, That’s not for a long time.

Directly saying, If change has to come, then one has to speak to the people of these days. not to the people of their days.


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