Being a human, it’s our mentality to assume things if we don’t understand, and if it comes true in some coincidences, we declare it’s true. And we stick to it. We start believing it. The answer lies here.

In the lifetime, you have to face situations where you must believe things, especially which are not proved. Of them, 90% are just false assumptions, which became true with few adjacent coincidences. Before discussing about the solution for the actual problem, we will now discuss the solution for these assumptions. Well, here’s the answer:

Just believe in yourself. Don’t just follow the ancestral traditions blindly. That doesn’t mean insulting traditions, but some types of culture and tradition make no sense. In that case, just believe in yourself and not the ancestors. Those ways of living had sense in those days, not today!

You may wonder why we discussed about traditions and cultures, but I have an intention behind it. Most of the problems about which society is worried about today, are not actually problems. People just overreact to silly things. They just assume the severity of problem and try hard for solutions. It’s just like searching for something everywhere and finally finding it in the pocket. All I meant to say is,  TO FIND THE SOLUTION FOR SOME PROBLEM, FIRST FIND WHAT AND WHERE ACTUALLY THE PROBLEM IS.

For instance, you try to kick start your bike. You tried for hours. Then you ‘assume’ that there’s something very wrong with bike. Finally some passerby says, “Bro, your ignition switch is off!”

What a pity! What an insult! This is a very simple example but issues we face daily are simpler than this. So, just don’t over worry about things. Know what the problem is. And remember, there’s a solution for every goddamn problem. If you didn’t find the solution, then the problem is wrong. 


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