If a girl starts loving a boy, she’ll be ready to leave anything and go with him with a complete-blind trust. And if a boy starts loving a girl, he gives up everything, he completely changes for her, just like a rebirth.

This is nature. The couple will be so caring for each other, but only until an external force gets into it. We cannot blame the third force, because where there is good, there’s also bad. These things keep coming and disturbing lives all the time. All the blame is on the one who let it in between them. This must be one of these two. Sometimes, it’s both of them. There’s no other possibility. Who’s gonna take the blame now?


Every single person in the universe has good and bad in him. If you really wanted to share something about your love with someone, Just tell them the positive. Not the negative. Even if it’s not negligible, just make sure that the positive is more than the negative. Because, this makes a bad impression in their mind and they think you both are really weird. Sometimes, you may not be able to stand with the comments they pass on you both. You may leave your love sometimes. You’ll regret it. World looks at what you show. If you show your good, it looks at it. If you show your bad, it looks at only that.


Don’t just keep letting some trash out of your mouth. Try to know each other. Some people get to know about others if they stay with them, while some may not be able to do this. So, being honest is the best way of life you can ever have with your love. Listening is more important than speaking if you really want to understand someone. Listen to them, try to understand. And when you are in conversation, Don’t let the third one in.You can make changes. I was always saying this to myself when I felt like I’m not made for my girl:

We may not be made for each other.

But I’ll remake myself for her!!


If you were so close to someone and there was some misunderstanding between you both, why don’t you just meet and speak in private? Relations are always word-sensitive. Words can build a relation. Words can collapse it, too. My suggestion is not to let any third person get into the conversation. Because people act according to their surroundings. There’d be some difference in speaking in private and public.


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