You may already know what you are. You may have been confident in everything you did. What if the situation is totally different? What if you have to compromise and give up everything when situation demands? 

When your basic nature don’t agree with the actions you need to take to overcome a situation, you don’t need to give them up. You just have to create a temporary yourself until you’re sure that the problem is solved.

The Art of creating yourself:

It all depends on the situation you encounter. Following are some tips you may follow when you face such situation and you got nothing to do but face it.

  • When situation demands, you first need to know what it actually demands. That should be the first property of your new nature.
  • Secondly, you need to know what makes it silent. In other words, you need to know what keeps it in idle condition. Once if you start acting keeping it mind, it works as a check to those circumstances.

The first one works as checkmate and the second works as a check. According to the priority, you need to decide which one of them is to be applied. And notice that nothing in life is permanent. Especially, challenging situations are seldom long time situations. So, you may get back to what you are when you get rid of it.

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