Personality Development : Making notes!

This article is specially written for those who love to get inspired from the articles they read. Some people read and get inspired so much and feel like they overcame everything. But this stays in them only for some days(Maximum). All the things they get inspired with stays in them only until they face one obstacle. Remember, this is why “Bad” is more attractive than “Good”.

The challenges you face consume your confidence eventually. This is why you need to feed yourself regularly. This is possible by reading the same thing again and again, when you feel down. Trust me, every time you read a thing, you understand it in a complete different way. And this ‘difference’ depends on the situation you face at that moment. And that brings you out of your weakness.


Working with weakness:

First of all, you need to know what you are weak at. And when you read things related to those weaknesses, its better to makes notes of what you have discovered in yourself, and also what you need to do to overcome them. Maintaining notes for your personality development is the best way and it also helps you get strong faster. And making notes here should be real honest. However you are not going to share it with anyone. “So be honest to yourself”. 

When you feel like your confidence is getting down, open this notes. You’ll immediately get an image of what you were and what you are. Then you will automatically remember things which you need to do and you’ll do it. If that’s not giving sufficient ‘Backup’ time, you shall read the source of that notes again. Now you’ll come out with some new points from the same thing which you’ve read already. And this inspires you and your confidence levels are grown.


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