So far the articles were about various aspects of one’s life. We discussed about how we can face a problem to overcome it. Now let us put those things aside. We have many sources to find such solutions. But now, this is the time to discover ourselves. This is the time to bring out something out of us. This is the time when we’re going to extract the talents that God has put in us. Let’s do this now. Now or never.

If you really want to bring the hidden treasures out of you, don’t get used to the things that come out of someone else’s treasure.

Let me explain. Don’t look at things as someone else defined them, instead look at them according to your opinion. Then that opinion will be your definition. By this, you bring out things in your way, and at some point, you’ll define a new thing like world never knew. The same thing the world kept seeing from centuries, would be something new and interesting when you involve into it.

Who knows? The next generation may read about you in history books! Who knows? The next generation may learn the things you introduced! Who knows? You may change the whole world with a new idea.

this NEW IDEA concept which changed the world only comes when you look at things as you are.

When you understand things as your elders taught you, you get no new idea, as that thing you learnt from them was  their idea. Stop doing it. Observe things as yourself, put your own meaning to it. (let it be meaningful indeed 😛 ). Then you will be able to apply your own ideas to terms you observe. And a new idea may come from all these observations and your own opinions.

And when you finally put all these observations, opinions and ideas together, my friend, you will be able to discover something new that is beyond wildest imaginations.

And finally, you get to know what you are. In the mean while, the world knows what you are. As a conclusion, all that I wanted to say is, “Don’t follow people’s definitions, instead follow your own opinions.”



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