The moment I realized it, I just felt like, “Wow!” I was so excited to share it with you people. But it took some time to think of some good message to add to it. As you readers know, every post on the blog has some message associated with it. This time I brought to you a message that came out of a question raised by our most familiar, Mr. Enter Key. “But what is the specialty in an enter button that everyone is so familiar with? What did the key tell him while no one else didn’t ever notice?” So many questions in your head, right? Alright, alright, no time to waste, let’s get to the point.

I happened to see an image on facebook very long ago, there the button says,

“Dear user, I do appreciate your kind attitude towards the keys on the keyboard, But I just have one question. Why do you press all keys softly but hit me with all your power? Yours sincerely, The Enter Key.” 

Okay, Mr. Enter Key. that was a very good question, and I got the answer.

Let me first define the enter key in my own words. “Enter key is a key on the keyboard, which is generally meant to take the user to the next step.” People around the world are always excited about what would happen next. Unfortunately, the most common button on keyboard that takes the user to the “NEXT” is Mr. Enter Key. (Sad for him). The question he asked made me realize what we users were doing all the time. Seriously, his question opened my eyes. We generally hit the enter button so hard because we’re excited about the next. In my earlier article, Satisfaction may be trouble, I wrote that when we are satisfied, there may be a chance of becoming lazy. In the same way, when we are excited, there is a chance of over expectations. And when the outcome didn’t reach the expectation, you’re upset. The way you press the enter key plays a role in defining your way of reaction too!

What’s the point actually?

Our subconscious mind is always active and it does the background processes. When we hit an enter key, we don’t generally focus on it so much, as we are already used to it and its a routine process. But the subconscious mind is active here. It acts according to your own nature at the moment you hit the enter key. Just to make sure, you can observe this in your own way of pressing the button. When you press the enter button for next line while you’re writing a paragraph, you won’t hit the button so hard, because you’re still in the same document. On the other hand, you’ll hit the button hard on the last step of any installation. Noticed? There is the answer. You won’t be so excited while pressing enter to get into next line because you’ll be in the same document. But when you’re about to complete an installation, you’ll surely be excited about the software you’re installing.

We get to know about ourselves when we observe our own reactions and behavior in little things. All that I wanna say is to watch yourself at the time of taking next step in your life. When you are over excited, you expect too much. When you expect too much, you get upset. When you get upset, the day is bad. As simple as that. Apply it in your daily life, you’ll definitely see the change. And hey, don’t forget to comment. Your feedback makes me write better. bye-bye. 🙂

P.S. Mr. Enter Key, hope you got your answer! 😛


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