In the last article I said that students got used to former definitions and rules and are unable to think about the logic and meaning behind every definition. Even if they get the meaning behind it, and redefined the terms which make perfect sense, they don’t put that out. I confess that I cant put that out too. Not in speech, but I write about it. I love writing, and I don’t speak much.


You may think that most of the students are so dynamic and like an open book, who express every idea they’ve got in mind. This is because only those students came into your notice. But there are many students who don’t express their ideas even if those ideas make a lot of sense. Such students have many questions in their mind. What if I cannot explain in properly? What if I cannot prove it is right? What if… and so on. All these questions come from only one thing, that is fear. They are afraid of facing the circumstances. Even if there is no meaning of being afraid, they are afraid. Every new step someone takes is a combination of excitement, fear and curiosity. Even if it is safe, they are afraid.


I just want to confess one thing. I was not able to express my ideas too. As I said earlier, I write every article out of my own experience. This fear was my experience too. Even today I cannot speak out about my ideas and thoughts. So I chose to write. I didn’t write about it all these days because I was sorting things out. I tried to know the exact reason of this feeling. Finally here I am, with an answer. This was because you were afraid of the consequences. But let me tell you, almost every new thing that came into existence came out of someone’s risk. There is no better example than this: Jesus Christ who is now able to take away the sin of the world had to hang on the cross 2014 years ago. He faced the risk to bring the freedom. All that I wanna say is that you need to face the fear of risk to overcome the risk.


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