Inspiring speeches, uplifting thoughts from others, suggestions, warnings, cautions, do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that… I am now fed up of these things. I have realized that things are easy to say, but it does never feel the same when we do them. It is easy to say, “I love you.” But showing that same love in action is not as easy as saying. I know it because I have experienced it. Not in the case of love though, but I’m talking about the difference between saying and doing.

Long ago in this blog, I have posted an article on ‘Overcoming Stage Fright‘, it had a very good response, and a friend said it helped him a lot and he was able to give his seminar in the college very effectively. But you know what? I am the one who posted it, it’s been months, even now I have the stage fright. I’m not posting the link of that article just because I’m not proud of it. And that’s what I mean when I say, “Saying is easy” Now I have decided to DO them and they say. Saying is not those do’s and dont’s, but I’ll just say what happened and what I have done to face it, and that’s all.

‘Cause ain’t no body wanna hear those do’s and dont’s. So I don’t wanna say ’em. Things are gonna change a bit folks!


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