Communication brings change

We are in the 21st century. Technology is now improved. The world has changed. When we compare the present lifestyle with that of 90’s, we hardly find any similarities. Children who took birth after 2000, have become fast learners, so they need effective parenting. Youth of this times, especially those who don’t grow under proper parenting, say that their parents sometimes don’t encourage their ways of thinking and they have to lead their lives forcibly until they are in the hands of their parents.

Why is this happening? 

Most of the people communicate with people who almost have the same way of thinking. They normally talk to the people of their age, but not of this age. So they stuck there itself. Here comes the problem. They don’t change because they don’t communicate with the changed. People understand someone only when they get closer to them. One gets closer to anyone only if communication takes place. All that matters, is whom we communicate with and whom we learn from.

This period, is defined by the people of this period. Ideas of older periods don’t work here. Even if they do, That’s not for a long time.

Directly saying, If change has to come, then one has to speak to the people of these days. not to the people of their days.



Sometimes, you feel uncomfortable when you have to get closer to strangers, immediately at  the first meet. This is because you cannot understand  a person’s mentality immediately, even if there is nothing much to understand. You must notice that we understand someone only when you get closer.

This is what actually happens when you open books to study before exams, which were not opened before. To understand something written in a book, you first have to get used to it(here ‘it’ refers to the book, not the matter in the book). That is the reason why some readers feel books as their friends. We also notice that we can easily opt out our own, used book from a bunch of similar books.

Getting closer to a book is easy:

You don’t have to read it for hours always, instead you can read few lines whenever you feel free. This makes a good relation between you and your book, and then you can easily understand things in it, even if you open it at the last moments for revision.


If you get the best fruit for your efforts, you feel so satisfied. What does that satisfaction do? This is what we’re going to discuss..

One may be satisfied by something at some or the other moment in their life. Human mentality is that, when  one gets satisfied with anything they’ve achieved, their levels of dedication and determination go down. This lets them relax, ultimately they go lazy.

Worry not, every problem in this world has got a solution. Just think, “If satisfaction may give us laziness, what if we don’t feel satisfied for anything we’ve got?” Here we come out with an answer. Yes, if you don’t feel any satisfaction in whatever fruit you’ve got, you will try for something much better, and this gives you a better fruit. Adoption of such attitude towards every aspect in one’s life takes them to the path of success, and can reach the peak of life..!


Everyone in this world likes to make some new and good habits, or get rid of old, bad habits. You too may have such desire in some corner of your heart. Well, you need not worry about it, for it is not a big deal. You can see a new person in yourself with no effort!

Recent research found that if anyone practices some work for 21 days continuously, they’ll get habituated to that work. You have to believe this: THIS TECHNIQUE ALSO WORKS IN CHANGING OUR BEHAVIOR! For example, if you want to be up-to-date in your studies, and lose your laziness, just concentrate on studies for 21 days. Then you’ll see a new person in yourself. One can apply this technique for any change in habits.

This was solution for my problem, laziness. Just remember one thing. There’s a solution to every problem. Don’t worry for silly obstacles you face. Just face it, and say it to yourself, “I CAN FACE IT.”


If you start an academic year with new plans and dedication, and unfortunately fail in the first test of the year, whether it is nothing to worry about, you feel like you are not working as you expected. The moment you feel so, is the best moment to turn your first failure to success.

You may have been lazy all these days.  Just recollect what you’ve done all these days, so that you may make some modifications in the timetable according to your convenience.

The point to be noted is, you must take care of each and every second after this modification. Your dedication towards your work must me more than your dedication before. Every time you feel lazy just recollect your first feeling after which you felt after your first failure. This really works.




Teenage is also an important topic to speak/write about. It’s just because one can make the best use of anything they got only in this period of man’s life. Every little change that takes place in teenage becomes a turning point of life. Teenage can also be called as ‘the best opportunity to know what you are, and show what you are.’ If you make a strong decision in teenage, nothing in this world lets you step back!

Where there is good, there is also bad. You must also face few hurdles when you are teenager. At the time of teenage, one can be attracted by the evil(s) easily. You must be strong enough to face every temptation. Don’t get attracted by any little thing. In one word, nothing in the world shall rule your life except you.

You can overcome these temptations by improving your life skills by reading some books like those of Vivekananda, etc.

You can also refer my previous post(overcoming addictions) for simple tips.


What’s so special to write about a teacher?

Remember a point before questioning this. You cannot learn each and everything by yourself. To learn from experience, sometimes we need to get a negative result from the circumstances, just like you’ll learn many things from failure compared to success.

Prevention is better than cure. Knowing before performance of a task is better than performance before knowing. Do you agree? If so, who will let you know? Well, you may say that you’ll ask some of your friends or anyone to know it. But, it’s not sure that the thing you’re going to do is safe. Your friends may love thrilling tasks and may not stop you doing it, even if it is risky. And here, you need a teacher. This was just an example. You cannot cope with your life without teachers. They may be your parents, or your subject teachers at school, or any well wisher.

In the case of teachers at schools and colleges, they not only teach you for their salary, but also for your bright future. No teacher gets satisfaction when any of their students can’t understand what they are teaching. Some teachers may not be so close to you, but they have much affection towards you. And the fact is, married teachers see their children in you and unmarried teachers see their siblings. You may not believe, but it’s true.

“Love your teachers, you’ll love the subject.”