If you’ve completed your graduation and looking forward to do something, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the next step can be hard in few cases, especially when you did not have a proper plan. But hey! It’s never too late. Times are changing and you’ve got a lifetime to achieve things, so here are few suggestions.

Get Guidance from the Right Person

There are so many places/people you can visit to get a career guidance. Before going to anyone of them, just keep this thing in your mind. Everyone you consult is just going to give their opinion and it may not work all the time.

Quick Tip: Do not seek guidance from those who grew up easily. It’s better to get guidance from people who faced a lot of challenges in their career life.

Small Post in a Big Company or Big Post in a Small Company

As a fresher, these are the only choices you have as far as I know. Consider this example before making any choice. The world looks at what you know but not where you got it from. I have seen people who tried for jobs in large companies, no matter what the post is. They say, “They pay me well.” But if you just work for salaries, trust me, you’re not going to love your job for long time. Even if you take that as work experience, everyone offers you a job in the same level.

On the other hand, if you go to a higher post, no matter how small the company is, the work experience can help you in getting jobs at the same level in bigger companies. This way, you can do what you love, eventually in your dream company.

Do What You Love

This is the decision where you’ll know if you’re going to love your job. You may ask what’s the big deal with loving one’s job. I have a simple answer for this. If you love your job, even if it is stressful, you don’t feel the stress. And if you don’t love what you do, you are prone to losing interest in doing repeated work all the time, which will either make you compromise or make you hate the job.

If you are working but actually do not like what you do, that obviously means you’re working for money.(My opinion. No offence.) Working for higher salaries when you are not “connected” to the work you do, will cost you stress and strain, your personal life, and much more. But if you do what you love, even if you’re not paid so well, you will not be so worried because you’re happy with your job and the salary won’t bother you at all. You will be happy with what you have.


Overcoming Pornography

Is Watching Porn That Harmful?

The excitement that we feel while watching porn is due to the chemicals that are produced in your brain when you watch it. The brain gets used to it and wants more and more of it, finally leading to addiction. This eventually leads to a situation where you are no more satisfied with your spouse/better half. In case if you are not yet in any relation, there are chances that when someone comes into your life, you will not be satisfied with them. You will be thirsty for more and more. And these may lead to extra-marital affairs and such.

The symptoms also include:

  • Cannot enjoy sexual life with your spouse.
  • Can make you more lazy.
  • Cannot concentrate on your studies/work.
  • You’ll get irritated easily.
  • You’ll lose interest on people around you, making yourself wanna be lonely most of the time.
  • Stress and strain are increased.
  • You may lose friends and family.
  • Emotional imbalance. (No one can expect your mood at any moment)
  • Broken marriages/relations.
  • Depression

Little Bit of Porn is Not Harmful. Really?

People say that watching few clips of porn now and then is not that harmful. They say that it makes you feel relaxed. But this is where you are deceived. It may look like it’s good for the moment, but the effects come eventually. It’s just like people saying “smoking makes me relax(emotional/mental)” but they do not know that the same smoking is damaging their liver(physical). In case of porn, it seems like giving rest to you emotionally and physically, the thing which is facing the negative side of it is your spirit. This makes a spiritual damage. What goes, you ask? The faith, dedication, and everything that makes a man achieve things comes from the spirit. Even your uniqueness is known to you only when this spirit works. You may feel like nothing is happening. But things that are not seen are facing the negative consequences. Little bit of porn, can make the your spirit idle. And that is why your faith, honesty, love, determination, dedication and such things die, leading to the symptoms mentioned above.

How to Overcome?

Well, no matter what the problem is, there will be a solution somewhere. It all lies in the faith that you can achieve it. Remember, even this “faith” comes from the spirit. Here are some tips that you can follow to give a temporary solution to the problem:

  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Go our for a walk / walk the dog.
  • Read books. (Good books)
  • Sleep early and wake up early. (Trust me)
  • Keep doing something you love. (Other than watching porn, though)
  • Make researches
  • Keep your mind filled with something or the other all the time. (except porn)

These can give you a temporary solution to the problem. i.e., once you start ignoring them, the problem comes back again. But, there is also a permanent solution for this. Go ahead and click this link for the permanent solution to this problem:
overcoming porn and sexual addictions

Keep Smiling,
Bhanu Prakash


In the last article I said that students got used to former definitions and rules and are unable to think about the logic and meaning behind every definition. Even if they get the meaning behind it, and redefined the terms which make perfect sense, they don’t put that out. I confess that I cant put that out too. Not in speech, but I write about it. I love writing, and I don’t speak much.


You may think that most of the students are so dynamic and like an open book, who express every idea they’ve got in mind. This is because only those students came into your notice. But there are many students who don’t express their ideas even if those ideas make a lot of sense. Such students have many questions in their mind. What if I cannot explain in properly? What if I cannot prove it is right? What if… and so on. All these questions come from only one thing, that is fear. They are afraid of facing the circumstances. Even if there is no meaning of being afraid, they are afraid. Every new step someone takes is a combination of excitement, fear and curiosity. Even if it is safe, they are afraid.


I just want to confess one thing. I was not able to express my ideas too. As I said earlier, I write every article out of my own experience. This fear was my experience too. Even today I cannot speak out about my ideas and thoughts. So I chose to write. I didn’t write about it all these days because I was sorting things out. I tried to know the exact reason of this feeling. Finally here I am, with an answer. This was because you were afraid of the consequences. But let me tell you, almost every new thing that came into existence came out of someone’s risk. There is no better example than this: Jesus Christ who is now able to take away the sin of the world had to hang on the cross 2014 years ago. He faced the risk to bring the freedom. All that I wanna say is that you need to face the fear of risk to overcome the risk.


What would you answer if I asked you what you’ve done until today right from the moment you took birth, or at least from the moment you started thinking? Do you have an answer? If it is, are you sure you’re satisfied with what you’ve done? If you asked me what I’ve done in my life, I’d say that I discovered myself and helping others to discover themselves so that they may also help others, this chain shall continue. That is actually my concept of opening this blog.


First of all I would like to tell you what a robot does. It receives the information or instruction EXACTLY as the operator gives it, and works according to the commands given by operator. It does nothing more that what the programmer coded it to do. Now coming to yourself. This is especially people who read things by heart and write them in the examination, and finally forget what they’ve written. Did you know what you just did? You took the information as given in the book, and just applied copy-paste method. Even machines do that, much accurate than yours. Now let me ask you, What have you done so far in your academics, in your student life, that machines can’t do? Don’t include emotional things here, I’m asking about your studies.


Let me give you an example. Long ago, when I first heard the definition of computer, the teacher said, “Computer is an electronic device which is capable of receiving information in a particular form and of performing a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the form of information or signals.” You want me to tell the truth? I hate this definition but I love computer. So I redefined the computer as I understood. “Computer is an electronic machine which is built by human to provide assistance in faster and accurate calculations.” That’s it! The definition is over. It’s mechanism and working procedure comes in the explanation. And this change of definition brought out hidden talents out of me.This redefinition let me think, “Why cant I program softwares that solve my own problems?” And finally that brought interest on programming languages and I’ve started coding my own programs.


I think you have already heard that students can easily change the world. But let me tell you, you cannot do that. Yes, you cannot do that until you change yourself. I’m writing this with a pain in my heart. This is our generation. I don’t want to let us go meaningless. I want you to think. I want you to understand what you are reading. I want you to bring new things out that no one has ever noticed. Let me tell you the truth. I love the students but really hate it when they perform this copy and paste process. And this is only possible when you start thinking about what you read.


Everyone in the world wants to be succeeded. They work hard and finally get what they wanted. But here we have something to notice: only few get what they want when they work hard. So, are you sure you’re going to reach your destination? Will you reach safely at least? You have to question yourself. We are in a world of competitors. You never know how efficient your work was until you get the result. What to do then? Is there any way that leads you to the destination without taking anything? Are you going in the right way?

The fault is in the way you go. It’s not about the way you chose, but the way you walk in your way

For an instance, you saw a tower from where you were standing and decided to go closer to it (here you set the way you have to go). What happens when you don’t see the road and you’re eyes are only on the tower all the way? You may be hit by something, or you may completely lose your way and your journey ends in the middle! So, your focus will first be on the way you’re going. You should have understood what I am trying to explain.

Your concentration shall be on the way you are walking but not the destination you have to reach.

I’m here with a simple bottom line for students and employees. Try them and you’ll see a miracle. Try them:

  • Students: Don’t worry about the result. When you’re preparing for the exam, just feel that you’re about to learn something. If you really understood what you’ve studied, you can write the answer in your style, even more clearly.
  • Employees: Don’t worry about the salary. Love what you do. If you love it, you do it better. When you do it better, you get paid better.












I mean, you just feel you’re alone but you are not really so. Because there will always be someone who still cares. Your heart knows it. The actual nature of heart according to me –Heart forgets every other thing when it’s worried about something. When your heart is worried about someone who don’t care for you, It forgets people who really care, or sometimes people who really love you. You’ll recognize it when all the pain is gone and you’re back to yourself.

 Some wounds of heart are not easily healed. This post, is especially for them. I am here for you, with a smile, for your smile, and to give you the medicine to heal your broken heart. Trust me, it works.


A tight hug works:


The primary medicine I could suggest is your best friend. Not just that, you need “best friend + a tight hug”. Hugging once, hugging twice, hugging thrice, hugging until you are free, is the best medicine I can ever suggest to any broken heart. When you hug a friend, his heart comes close to your heart, and speaks to your heart saying, “Look at my beat. why are you in hurry! there’s no where to go. Calm down dear!” That’s the real meaning of hug. It works my friend, It really does. Now put a smile on your face.


All the best for your life 🙂


Sometimes, you feel uncomfortable when you have to get closer to strangers, immediately at  the first meet. This is because you cannot understand  a person’s mentality immediately, even if there is nothing much to understand. You must notice that we understand someone only when you get closer.

This is what actually happens when you open books to study before exams, which were not opened before. To understand something written in a book, you first have to get used to it(here ‘it’ refers to the book, not the matter in the book). That is the reason why some readers feel books as their friends. We also notice that we can easily opt out our own, used book from a bunch of similar books.

Getting closer to a book is easy:

You don’t have to read it for hours always, instead you can read few lines whenever you feel free. This makes a good relation between you and your book, and then you can easily understand things in it, even if you open it at the last moments for revision.