Overcoming Pornography

Is Watching Porn That Harmful?

The excitement that we feel while watching porn is due to the chemicals that are produced in your brain when you watch it. The brain gets used to it and wants more and more of it, finally leading to addiction. This eventually leads to a situation where you are no more satisfied with your spouse/better half. In case if you are not yet in any relation, there are chances that when someone comes into your life, you will not be satisfied with them. You will be thirsty for more and more. And these may lead to extra-marital affairs and such.

The symptoms also include:

  • Cannot enjoy sexual life with your spouse.
  • Can make you more lazy.
  • Cannot concentrate on your studies/work.
  • You’ll get irritated easily.
  • You’ll lose interest on people around you, making yourself wanna be lonely most of the time.
  • Stress and strain are increased.
  • You may lose friends and family.
  • Emotional imbalance. (No one can expect your mood at any moment)
  • Broken marriages/relations.
  • Depression

Little Bit of Porn is Not Harmful. Really?

People say that watching few clips of porn now and then is not that harmful. They say that it makes you feel relaxed. But this is where you are deceived. It may look like it’s good for the moment, but the effects come eventually. It’s just like people saying “smoking makes me relax(emotional/mental)” but they do not know that the same smoking is damaging their liver(physical). In case of porn, it seems like giving rest to you emotionally and physically, the thing which is facing the negative side of it is your spirit. This makes a spiritual damage. What goes, you ask? The faith, dedication, and everything that makes a man achieve things comes from the spirit. Even your uniqueness is known to you only when this spirit works. You may feel like nothing is happening. But things that are not seen are facing the negative consequences. Little bit of porn, can make the your spirit idle. And that is why your faith, honesty, love, determination, dedication and such things die, leading to the symptoms mentioned above.

How to Overcome?

Well, no matter what the problem is, there will be a solution somewhere. It all lies in the faith that you can achieve it. Remember, even this “faith” comes from the spirit. Here are some tips that you can follow to give a temporary solution to the problem:

  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Go our for a walk / walk the dog.
  • Read books. (Good books)
  • Sleep early and wake up early. (Trust me)
  • Keep doing something you love. (Other than watching porn, though)
  • Make researches
  • Keep your mind filled with something or the other all the time. (except porn)

These can give you a temporary solution to the problem. i.e., once you start ignoring them, the problem comes back again. But, there is also a permanent solution for this. Go ahead and click this link for the permanent solution to this problem:
overcoming porn and sexual addictions

Keep Smiling,
Bhanu Prakash



If you start an academic year with new plans and dedication, and unfortunately fail in the first test of the year, whether it is nothing to worry about, you feel like you are not working as you expected. The moment you feel so, is the best moment to turn your first failure to success.

You may have been lazy all these days.  Just recollect what you’ve done all these days, so that you may make some modifications in the timetable according to your convenience.

The point to be noted is, you must take care of each and every second after this modification. Your dedication towards your work must me more than your dedication before. Every time you feel lazy just recollect your first feeling after which you felt after your first failure. This really works.




I, being a fresh student of engineering, have been observing many students who always try to compete their fellow classmates. Competition is not wrong, but trying to be a step forward than every mate makes you look selfish.

If you work harder than any other classmate, you may come first. At the same time, you may lose some friends. That doesn’t mean that you should stop working harder than others, but it means that you should give them a chance too. When we go mutual in studies, we discuss, clarify and then come to a conclusion.

Mutual studies satisfy not only you, but also your friends. When you give chance to your friend, he feels happier and obviously, you will be satisfied that because of your calmness, he steps up in his academics. This doesn’t mean that you shall always be silent. You answer the question if you know, when asked. If one of your friends wants to answer the question in the class, let him. That will be an encouragement.

I hope you understand.