Everyone in the world wants to be succeeded. They work hard and finally get what they wanted. But here we have something to notice: only few get what they want when they work hard. So, are you sure you’re going to reach your destination? Will you reach safely at least? You have to question yourself. We are in a world of competitors. You never know how efficient your work was until you get the result. What to do then? Is there any way that leads you to the destination without taking anything? Are you going in the right way?

The fault is in the way you go. It’s not about the way you chose, but the way you walk in your way

For an instance, you saw a tower from where you were standing and decided to go closer to it (here you set the way you have to go). What happens when you don’t see the road and you’re eyes are only on the tower all the way? You may be hit by something, or you may completely lose your way and your journey ends in the middle! So, your focus will first be on the way you’re going. You should have understood what I am trying to explain.

Your concentration shall be on the way you are walking but not the destination you have to reach.

I’m here with a simple bottom line for students and employees. Try them and you’ll see a miracle. Try them:

  • Students: Don’t worry about the result. When you’re preparing for the exam, just feel that you’re about to learn something. If you really understood what you’ve studied, you can write the answer in your style, even more clearly.
  • Employees: Don’t worry about the salary. Love what you do. If you love it, you do it better. When you do it better, you get paid better.