Sometimes, you feel uncomfortable when you have to get closer to strangers, immediately at  the first meet. This is because you cannot understand  a person’s mentality immediately, even if there is nothing much to understand. You must notice that we understand someone only when you get closer.

This is what actually happens when you open books to study before exams, which were not opened before. To understand something written in a book, you first have to get used to it(here ‘it’ refers to the book, not the matter in the book). That is the reason why some readers feel books as their friends. We also notice that we can easily opt out our own, used book from a bunch of similar books.

Getting closer to a book is easy:

You don’t have to read it for hours always, instead you can read few lines whenever you feel free. This makes a good relation between you and your book, and then you can easily understand things in it, even if you open it at the last moments for revision.